Amanda May MChS, SEN, RMN, MLD CDT - Podiatrist
Helping Feet in Newbury

Look after your feet,

you rely on them more than you realise!

Clinic Address:


Stoney Lane,



Berkshire RG18 9HG

Phone: 01635 40092


I am Amanda, I qualified as a podiatrist in 1993 and started my own business. In 2004 I registered with the Health Professional Council now the HPCP.

I have worked in Newbury, first at the Natural Health Centre and from 1999 to 2015 at the Fairbourne Clinic and now work from home.

I chaired the Thames valley Branch of the BChA for three years.

Each year I carry out continuous professional development to enhance my practice. My special interest in biomechanics of the foot.

I practice Kinesio Taping.

I am also an MLD therapist.

Before qualifying as a podiatrist I qualified as a State Enrolled Nurse in 1987 and as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1980.

Treatments Offered:

  • Inflammation and Sepsis,
    Diabetic feet,
    Biomechanical assessments,
    Corns (hard, soft, seed, laminated, vascular and neuro vascular),
    Hallux Valgus,
    Nails (ingrown, involuted, subungual heloma, subungual haematoma, paronychia, onychophosis and onychauxis)
    Sports related injuries,
    Plantar fasciitis,

Chiropody treatments start at half an hour,

MLD massage treatments can be half an hour or an hour (first treatment one hour).

Orthotics vary in price according to type and prescription.